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Broxbourne Solutions offers consultancy and management services to education and business. Either as part of a consortium of professional services companies or individually, we pride ourselves on the quality, cost-effectiveness and professionalism of our offering.



Conference Management


Broxbourne Solutions has been responsible since 2003 for project managing a wide range of conferences with exhibitions in the UK and overseas. Over the last fourteen years these have included the highly successful e-Assessment Question and Assessment Tomorrow events, as well as MathSpeak and other events in the UK, India and around the world

Broxbourne Solutions is able to provide a full conference management services from content and brand definition, through venue selection, booking and processing to event handling. Speak to us today about the services we supply and how we can help you get the best results from your event

For instance see our conference managing assessment data ... click here




At Broxbourne Solutions we call upon years of experience in the development and use of e-Assessment. 

We provide project management and e-assessment consultancy services. 

Our experienced professionals are able to support you in all areas associated with computer based assessment and testing from project initiation through to risk assessment and product selection, and onto implementation and delivery.

We will help you ensure cost effective e-Assessment systems and services; appropriate to your needs, and meeting your requirements.



Development of Learning and Assessment Materials


From he classroom to the wrokplace, for acadmic as well vocational subject, Broxbouren Solutions is able to provide expertise and expereince in the development of learnign and training materials to be delviered face to face, via technology,or as a hybrid, blended learnign approach.


Speak to us today about how our team can support and enhance your learning and training development process.





The annual MathSpeak conference, inaugurated in London in Autumn 2013, is a mathematics conference that will appeal to senior teachers and school leaders.


It provides practical advice and hands on sessions for those managing Mathematics staff and resources at secondary level, those integrating problem solving into the curriculum, and those grappling with engaging students and optimising the latest 21st century technologies.


see for more information



Business Process Re-engineering/Change Management 


If you believed the horror stories around, all business process reengineering (BPR) and change management programmes seemed doomed to failure before they start. 


It need not be that way. 


Like so many such activities it is a challenge that requires strong planning with independent analytical and organisational skills, knitted together with common sense and communication.


Whilst BPR can mean many things to many people, there are strong common themes to both the issues and problems being addressed and the techniques and solutions being applied.


This is where Broxbourne Solutions can help you.


Working closely with our clients we believe a systematic approach using the best of project and human management skills will address the key stages of any BPR or Change Management activity.


1. Planning, involvement and organisation

2. Information gathering, understanding and analysis

3. Review, building and innovation 

4. Re-organising, re-training and re-tooling



Business Continuity Planning

The world is an uncertain place. 

However unlikely they may feel, natural and unnatural disasters are always lurking around the next corner. 

Their impact can be devastating to a business. But you can manage the risk by planning.

Let the experience and knowledge at Broxbourne Solutions be a part of your strategy.


Learn more and teach yourself how to develop a Business Continuity Plan for your organisation here at Rapid Continuity





ArtVantage is an exciting new project to use new technologies to showcase Art and Culture from across boundaries (geographical, artistic, technological)

At ArtVantage we will showcase the work of selected artists. 

Currently we are delighted to provide a forum for the work of Samij Dutta, a gifted and widely respected artist from India. 

ArtVantage presents an appreciation of the genius of Charles Baudelaire through the writings of modern day critics and reviewers and principally through the artistry of highly regarded Indian artist Samij Datta




Project, risk and change management - at the heart of the services we offer is support for management in these key areas, a wide range of support information will be available on our web pages and we are here to help you.

Conference Management
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