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The Speakers include                                                                                                                                                       

Nicola Blackwell, Turnitin


Gavin Busuttil-Reynaud, Director, Alphaplus 


Mark Dawe, CEO, AELP


Colin Deal, Chair Day Two

Sofie Emmertsen, Inspera

Adam Freeman, PSI Services International


Alistair Fryer-Bovill, PSI Services International

Ian Gurling, AO Manager Fire Industry Association Awarding Organisation  (FIA AO)

Alexander Grech, Special Advisor to     the Maltese Ministry for Education and Employment

Andrew Harland, CEO, Int. Examinations Officers Association

Graham Hudson, MD, GA Partnership


Vincent de Jong, Trifork LearningChris Kirk, MD, Digital Me

John Kleeman, Founder, Questionmark

Ivan Lavrov, Arcadia

John Lloyd, Chief Executive Officer,The Nautical Institute.


Martin Mackain Bremner, Chair Day One

Phil McNeilage, CEO, COMPROBO


Brian Moon, Chief Technology Officer, Perigean

Louella Morton, Executive Director, TestReach


Graham Orpwood, Professor Emeritus of Education at York University, Toronto, and International Projects Manager, Vretta

Denis Saunders, CEO and Founder, Calibrand (keynote, day one)

Ali Shalfrooshan, Principal Consultant in the Research and Development, PSI

Murray Silver, BizExaminer

Natalie Smolenski, VP Business Development, Learning Machine


Bernhard Waglechner, BizExaminer 


Martyn Ware, SQA

Matthew White, NCC Education

Tim Winfield, Calibrand

John Winkley, Director, Alphaplus


Click here for more about the exciting speakers at the 2018 e-Assessment Question

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