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About Assessment Tomorrow

Conferences, Seminars and Events From Assessment Tomorrow

The take up of e-Assessment is increasing world-wide.  Educators, trainers, Government Agencies and test providers are actively engaged in developing technology based assessment solutions that enable them to provide robust, reliable, flexible assessment for students and employees.

Assessment Tomorrow is one of the leading international organisers of conferences and seminars in  e-Assessment.  Drawing on expertise from the UK, Europe and worldwide, it organises conferences and seminars aimed at providing policy makers, assessment developers and people implementing e-Assessment in schools, colleges and training providers with the opportunity to debate the issues and find out about the latest developments.  

To date, conferences have been run in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Dublin, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangalore, Singapore, Chile, Dubai, and across India.  Each event has its own theme, aimed at a particular aspect of the market or the development needs of the region These have been spear-headed by the international e-Assessment Question run each year in London since 2003.  

The conferences provide opportunities for e-Assessment and Learning Technology organisations to sponsor and exhibit as well as provide speakers with the opportunity to present to audiences which include key purchasers and users of assessment systems.  
Assessment Tomorrow will also tailor and design seminars for individual companies or organisations such as Government agencies.  
Be it a series of breakfast meetings or a one day seminar, Assessment Tomorrow will organise, promote and manage events aimed at particular groups of clients or for the launch of new products and services. Working with experienced professionals, Assessment Tomorrow can provide e-Assessment project consultancy.  We can access a range of services including assessment design, assessment delivery systems, design services and system evaluation.

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