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The Track Record of the business process management teams from Broxbourne Solutions, UK Skills  and R and H Solutions Ltd. is well established. Offering many years of experience and expertise in developing business support tools from IT to Project and Change Management to Business Continuity Planning (BCP) to training and skills development. We have designed and developed a radical but sensible approach to risk analysis and contingency planning for the Small to Medium Sized Business, and opther business support resources for entrepreneurship and project and time management.

Our approach to Business Continuity Planning is to provide a self-training course and a set of templates, plans, checklists and documents that give you the ability to implement your own Business Continuity Planning, quickly, simply and effectively.

We have used the experience of our senior consultants to create a unique set of documents. With experience in industries as diverse as the insurance and financial sector through to publishing and distribution, we have distilled that knowledge and expertise in to a set of plans and checklists that will help you deal with disaster and emergency.

We know, better than most, that there are no ‘magic bullets’ here, that there are no foolproof guarantees but follow the logical process detailed here, and at the very least

- you will have the assurance that you have thought through the issues for your company or organisation,
- that you have identified actions that need to be taken and 
- you will have a set of known, tested and reliable plans to help your business 

In the areas of entrepreneurship training, project mangement and time management we have followed the same concepts to provide you with easy to use resources that offer cost effective tools and techniques.

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