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What we offer the micro, small and medium sized business

The Track Record of the Business Support teams from Broxbourne Solutions and R and H Solutions Ltd. is well established. Offering many years of experience and expertise in developing business support tools from IT to Project and Change Management to Business Continuity Planning (BCP) to business start-up to training and skills development.

Business Continuity Planning Training Course and Templates

Project Management

Time Management


If you have any problems during purchase or download please contact us via the feedback form or email address.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) - a self-teaching course to purchase and download
£75 plus VAT
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A valid, robust Business Continuity Plan must be a plan:-  


o  that has a firm foundation in your business, 
o  that is well planned, scheduled and budgeted, 
o  that has considered the impact of an emergency on your business, 
o  that has identified the risks you faced, 
o  that has a foundation of a solid strategy of how to cope with the emergency, 
o  that has generated robust and well thought out plans, 
o  that will work when invoked, 
o  that is tested and 
o  that all staff are trained and aware of their obligations and roles

Purchase/download our self training e-book that gives you access to NINE learning modules that will give you a firm foundation in Business Continuity Planning. You will understand the concepts, the major stages in developing a plan and how you go about the process. Each Module provides learning materials and slides to let you work through that material at your own pace and at your own desk.

The overview module provides an introduction to the other eight modules and gives you the structure of Business Continuity Planning. It is available as a free download. Each subsequent module takes you through each of principal stages in developing, testing and implementing a Business Continuity Plan. 


Each module is published as a PDF ebook and has learning objectives and self-evaluation quizzes built into them (except the first, overview Module).

After payment you will be taken to a screen to download your e-book course.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) - a set of templates to build your own BCP
£50 plus VAT
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We have designed and developed a radical but sensible approach to risk analysis and contingency planning for the Small to Medium Sized Business. The Rapid Continuity approach is to provide a set of templates, plans, checklists and documents that give you the ability to implement your own Business Continuity Planning, quickly, simply and effectively. 


We have used the experience of our senior consultants to create a unique set of documents. With experience in industries as diverse as the insurance and financial sector through to publishing and distribution, we have distilled that knowledge and expertise in to a set of plans and checklists that will help you deal with disaster and emergency.

We know, better than most, that there are no ‘magic bullets’ here, that there are no foolproof guarantees but follow the logical process detailed in Rapid Continuity.  and at the very least

- you will have the assurance that 
- you have thought through the risks to your company, 
- that you have identified actions that need to be taken and 
- that in the event of a disaster you will have a set of known, tested and reliable plans to help your business survive

There are over 90 documents in our set of Templates that you can purchase then download  here,  everything from Interview Checklists to Report formats to outline presentations all in MS Office format

After payment you will be taken to a screen to download your resources.

Time Management tool kit of templates and resources to purchase and download
£30 plus VAT
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The PLAN IT CONTROL IT approach to time management is three fold. Firstly AUDIT to determine where your time is going, secondly PLANNING to provide a framework for the better management of your time and thirdly CONTROLLING to use the tools you have developed from the tool kit provided. 

The Time Management Document Set provides eight documents. 

1. The Basics of Time Management. including a score card to help you be clear just how much (or how little) you need the discipline of TIME MANAGEMENT. 

2. Auditing Time Management.To identify the major tasks that take up your time and deciding if you or some one else is in control of them. 

3. ‘Do you need to do that?’. presenting a decision tree of making decisions, a delegation checklist and rules for setting and using meaningful objectives.

4. Short Term Planning tools and guidelines

5. Elements of Project Management looks at time management from a project managers view point.

6. Long Term Planning. A simple six step approach to scheduling, inclduign prioritisation and risk management

7 Dealing with People including delegation

8. Managing Meetings


After payment you will be taken to a screen to download your resources.

Project Management tool kit of templates and resources to purchase and download
£50 plus VAT
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Are you starting a new project?

Are you going to work out the activities and resources, than pick up Microsoft Project and start scheduling?


Instead use our array of templates, spreadsheets, outline documents, checklists, aid memoirs and helpful hints to plan, organise, lead and control your project to a successful conclusion.

Purchase our toolkit of templates and documents then  

  • set clear objectives

  • realise the costs and benefits of your project

  • define the scope of what you are doing

  • understand the risks involved

  • plan your contingency

  • collect/organise the key information you will need

  • maintain quality and accountability throughout

  • organise your project methodically and thoroughly

  • monitor progress/report against predefined goals

  • communicate to and involve stakeholders

  • budget effectively

  • use the correct and effective scheduling tools

After payment you will be taken to a screen to download your resources.

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Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) - a self teaching course to judge if entrepreneurship is right for you
Price £50.00 plus VAT

Our colleagues at UK SKILLS have developed a unique self-teaching course for those who want to be entrepreneurs.


BE YOUR OWN BOSS is a self-teaching course  intended for those who are

considering starting their own business and want to be their own BOSS!


Use the course to learn

•    if you have what it takes to be your own boss, and 
•    what key knowledge and skills you will require 

to be successful and confident enough to work on their own without an employer safety net and embrace the rewards and risks of self-employment.

This course is intended to make you think; many of the answers to the problems for setting and running your business are already in your head from your own experiences at work and of being a customer. In the course of some 30 Guided Learning Hours we will try and tease those out.


This is a short course in entrepreneurship. It does not claim to be a complete resource for establishing and running a small business in the students chosen marketplace. The technical details of running a business will be unique to each individual entrepreneur be that financial, logistical, operational, and market or product specific, creating a unique profile for each business and each entrepreneur.

After payment you will be taken to a screen to download your e-book course.

Return here soon to learn about conflict resolution in the workplace - our new self training ebook
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