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Business Continuity Planning (BCP) - a self-teaching course to purchase and download
£75 plus VAT
Business Continuity Planning (BCP) - a set of templates to build your own BCP
£50 plus VAT

Learn how to ensure your business survives a disaster

A successful organisation manages its risks and prepares for the unexpected ... 

Our invaluable resource provides self-training courses and MS OFFICE format templates for you to prepare your own Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and ensure your business survives in the event of an emergency.

Learn how to build your own business continuity plans with RAPID CONTINUITY  self-training courses and library of template documents. Teach yourself to build robust contingency/business continuity plans to keep yourself in business and your customers and insurers happy when the UNEXPECTED happens and DISASTER strikes.

We explain the principals of BCP. 

You understand what is needed. 

You can then create your own BCP for your organisation, efficiently, effectively.

How ready are you for the unexpected?
Learn how to build your own business continuity plans.

  • No need for expensive consultancy. 

  • No need to buy a costly planning package

  • No need to attend a time-consuming training course.


Learn at your desk at your own pace

Resources used by the world's largest financial institutions, major insurance and commercial companies.

Are you

concerned that your organisation, institution or site would not be able to cope with a major disaster? 

or how about a national fuel strike or staff absenteeism during a pandemic? 

or a crash of your computer systems or break down of your telecoms

Do you think it’s ...

Wouldn't happen to you? 
Besides everyone would know what to do! - wouldn't they?

Are you sure?            Are you confident?                 Are your staff?

Corporate Development

Purchase a self training introduction (20 - 30 hours of learning) to Business Continuity Planning where you can learn (at your own speed and at your own convenience) just what is BCP and how you can develop a Plan for your organisation.

A valid, robust Business Continuity Plan must be a plan:-  


o  that has a firm foundation in your business, 
o  that is well planned, scheduled and budgeted, 
o  that has considered the impact of an emergency on your business, 
o  that has identified the risks you faced, 
o  that has a foundation of a solid strategy of how to cope with the emergency, 
o  that has generated robust and well thought out plans, 
o  that will work when invoked, 
o  that is tested and 
o  that all staff are trained and aware of their obligations and roles

Each Module provides learning materials and slides to let you work through that material at your own pace to suit you and at your own desk.

The overview module provides an introduction to the other eight modules and gives you the structure of Business Continuity Planning. 

Each subsequent module takes you through each of principal stages in developing, testing and implementing a Business Continuity Plan. 

Each module is published as a PDF ebook for £75 plus VAT

Purchase a simple set of easy-to-use documents in the form of template reports, guidance notes,  plans, schedules, checklists etc. - just purchase, download, edit and use for an immediate Business Continuity Plan for your organisation.


After purchase you will be able to download a zip file containing documents that you can tailor and edit covering:

  1. BCP Initiation : Prepare your BCP function, policies and standards. Includes the Health Check for analysing your current vulnerability and a set of quick hits to get you started, 12 documents, for you to edit and tailor to fit your organisation.

  2. Project Planning and Budgeting covering the management and control of your Business Continuity activity, 11 documents

  3. Business Impact Analysis (BIA) : how the threats to the continued operation of your company will effect your organisation, 6 documents

  4. Risk Identification (RIA) - the threats to your organisation, 7 documents

  5. Strategy and Implementation of your Business Continuity Plan, 12 documents

  6. Planning and Documentation to control the implementation of your Plan if you need to invoke it, 12 documents

  7. Crisis and Emergency Management: the tools you will need when you invoke your Business Continuity Plan, 13 documents

  8. Training and Awareness to ensure staff and suppliers know about and can respond in the event of an emergency, 9 documents

  9. Testing to prove your Business Continuity Plan is effective and rigourous, 10 documents

  10. Pandemics and Crisis Management, 13 documents

Each document in MS Office format for you to edit and use, immediately - all for £50 plus VAT

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