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Project Management tool kit of templates and resources to purchase and download
£50 plus VAT

Are you starting a new project?

Are you going to work out the activities and resources, than pick up Microsoft Project and start scheduling?


Instead use our array of templates, spreadsheets, outline documents, checklists, aid memoirs and helpful hints to plan, organise, lead and control your project to a successful conclusion.

Purchase our toolkit of templates and documents  for just £50 and then 

  • set clear objectives

  • realise the costs and benefits of your project

  • define the scope of what you are doing

  • understand the risks involved

  • plan your contingency

  • collect/organise the key information you will need

  • maintain quality and accountability throughout

  • organise your project methodically and thoroughly

  • monitor progress/report against predefined goals

  • communicate to and involve stakeholders

  • budget effectively

  • use the correct and effective scheduling tools

  • in short ensure success for your project.

We define Project Management as the

  • planning,

  • organisation,

  • leadership and

  • control


of a set of resources brought together to deliver one (or a series of) business or organisational objectives within a given timeframe and budget.

It is a risky business - resources must be found and carefully managed in order to meet those objectives.

It can go wrong even if you have the luxury of professional project managers, trained and experienced in delivering projects.

If you do NOT have that luxury, management and staff will be pulled off their important day to day roles and expected to plan and successfully deliver the project.

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