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A radical, 21st century approach to the training, up-skilling and qualifications of Journalists or Media related occupations, creating 'the class-room in the newsroom' for India in the 21st Century, leading the world.


Our flagship training course provides significant time in the news-room of a major media organisation as well substantial classroom time studying all the elements and challenges of the modern journalist. It provides, at the end of our 12 week course, an internationally recognised certification demonstrating on-the-job, mentored training.

Make a Mark

The combined forces of EEF and UK Skills bring to India a new approach to the training of Journalists and related occupations.

Using a methodology that combines classroom learning and teaching with on the job media experience, mentoring and training.

This internationalised training programme is contextualized and localised for media in a world-leading India of the 21st Century. It takes journalism training into a whole brave new world of technology, innovation, ethics, critical thought and cross-media communications.


It provides a balance of workplace learning and classroom teaching in a short, intense and highly motivated manner.

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