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UK Skills Ltd, a UK based not-for-profit organisation, provides high quality vocational training across India in partnership with the Education for Employment Foundation (EEF). It has now joined forces with a former BBC journalist and trainer, Nicola Phipps, to develop and deliver skills programmes for aspiring and existing journalists that will allow them to acquire globally recognised UK qualifications.

Both EEF and UK Skills have a clear focus on providing solutions that are tailored to the requirements of a modern India and meet the needs of learners, industry and society. They confidently boast effective and efficient quality management procedures, processes and systems. These form the backbone of our delivery of assessment, learning, training and qualifications. They work with a range of customers and clients in Education and Training across the educational landscape in government funded, CSR and industry funded environments. UK Skills/EEF work with our clients and customers to specify requirements and tailor learning and systems to meet those requirements. These have led to a record of successful implementation with benefits to all stakeholders. 



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Nicola Phipps, is a former BBC journalist who runs her own media and training consultancy in the UK. She has a distinguished track record in journalism, media training and educational innovation as well as close associations with UK journalism’s leading training and accreditation body, the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) for whom she is an examiner. She has designed and delivered bespoke vocational training programmes in India, China and Africa as well as creating the award-winning “Classroom in the Newsroom” in the UK

Dr Tejwant Chhatwal is a qualified developmental psychologist and a scholar from Stanford University, specialising in Multiple Intelligence Practice. He is also certified as a soft skill trainer by Carnegie Mellon University and has conducted over 2700 workshops at more than 800 institutions. He has developed a diagnostic testing system, the Multiple Intelligences Analysis Tool, to obtain a rich and descriptive understanding of a person's Multiple Intelligences. Mr. Chhatwal is a visiting Faculty member to 36 universities across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America and 27 schools (primary to secondary level). He is involved with Stanford University and V Campus, Singapore for an off shore Holiday Camp for Gifted Children. Mr. Chhatwal was an entrepreneur in the areas of Security, Fashion and Hospitality sectors from 1988 to 2001.

Jeff Ross is an Independent Prince II project manager and consultant with expertise in e-Assessment, e-learning and the use of IT and internet technologies in education, learning and training, including instructional design and qualification development. He also has 30 years experience in Media and Education and has been responsible for change management programmes associated with the introduction of ICT solutions to the delivery of publishing, education services and qualifications. 


In the UK, the National Council for the Training of Journalists delivers the premier training scheme for journalists in the United Kingdom. The NCTJ brand is a long-established and respected benchmark of excellence for journalists. Alumni dominate all sectors of the media and 73 per cent of qualified journalists are NCTJ-trained (Journalists at Work 2012).


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