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The Speakers at the 16th and 17th March 2016 Conference                                                                                                                                                

Experts and suppliers, strategists and planners

Users and practitioners

International and UK based suppliers

Academic and Vocational environment (click here to see the programme)




  • Dan Sandhu, Chairman and CEO of Digital Assess

  • Roger Trigg, Education Manager , CCEA

  • Linda Steadman, eCom Scotland, 

  • Michael Donohoe, Head of Quality and Operations, YMCA Awards 

  • Tim Burnett, Head of Marketing BTL Learning and Assessment 

  • Tim Winfield, Calibrand on Assessment Analytics

  • Jeremy Carter, Cirrus Assessment

  • Matt Wingfield,Director, DigitalAssess

  • Andrew Boyle, Director, Alphaplus Consultancy   

  • Zak Horrocks, Alphaplus Consultancy

  • Murray Silver, biz:Examiner

  • Oksana Uvarova, Director Delivery, JSC “Arcadia Inc.” 

  • Dmitri Adov, Director, Technical, JSC “Arcadia Inc.” 

  • Christian Lawson-Perfect, NUMBAS Team, Newcastle University

  • John Winkley, Director Alphaplus Consultancy

  • Adaora Okechuku, Alphaplus Consultancy

  • Martin Addmas for indisposed James Redgate, Head of Business Development, RM Results

  • Ian Pursglove, Associate Director, Vocational Qualifications Exec, OFQUAL

  • Dan Elsworth, E-Assessment Product Owner, British Council

  • Jim Crawford, Business Development Manager,  BTL Learning and Assessment

  • Lars Willner, Marknadschef Sverige, Inspera, 

  • John Mcnamara, Managing Director, Innovate Awarding 

  • John O’Sullivan, Coelrind 

  • Rob Arntsen,Chairman, Myknowledgemap 

  • Graeme Redshaw-Boxwell, Newcastle University 

  • Natalie Eggins, Education Business Process Manager , Association of Corporate Treasurers

  • Ricky McGowan, On-line Assessment Co-ordinator, Association of Corporate Treasurers

  • Dipak Gohil, PROCTORU 

  • Che Osborne, Vice President of Sales, QuestionMark, 

  • Paul Miller, CEO of VEO, Video Enhanced Observation Ltd, withdrawn through ill health

  • Felice Curcelli,  Libercloud



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