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Computer based assessment has grown significantly since the early days of automatic test publishing and certification. We have seen developments like paperless examination projects, e-proctoring, open badges, social media, BYOD, the growth of e-portfolios, the proliferation of question types, the rise of government initiatives and policies following FELTAG and Curriculum for Excellence, including the focus on technology in Apprenticeships, the expectations of digital natives and rapid changes in technology.  


The path has been slow and inexorable but hardly smooth, the need to manage risk and costs as important as drive for innovation and the expectations of the users.

The focus for the 15th annual international e-Assessment Question will be the practical issues of commissioning, implementing and delivering e-Assessment solutions.  Our annual conference on e-Assessment and computer supported assessment and qualifications will be held on 22nd and 23rd March 2017 at the America Square Conference Centre in the City of London.  

Day One, 22nd March 2017 will focus on designing, selecting and implementing e-Assessment from the classroom to the workplace.

Day Two, 23rd March 2017 will focus on the management and delivery of robust and reliable e-Assessment from formative assessment to high stakes, summative qualifications.

Both days will look at the broad spectrum of e-assessment from the achievements to date, the lessons learnt and the opportunities taken to the development of systems and services that enable, enhance and define e-Assessment for both vocational and academic assessment.  Taken with developments in qualifications and the rise of Government initiatives such as the apprenticeships programme, the opportunities to use technology in assessment should be growing rapidly. 



Goal: Learners’ expectations are those of the digital age and from all sides the pressure is on to provide cost effective, robust and secure assessment for learning, examinations and qualifications.  At the same time, the tools and technologies are evolving.  The conference addresses these elements, issues that provide opportunities and risks that must be balanced and faced head on.

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