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17th Annual e-Assessment Question Conference and Exhibition

‘Transformation, Change and Evolution’’ 

America Square Conference Centre
City of London
on 10th and 11th April 2019                   Unsubscribe
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The 2019 conference and exhibition took transformation as its theme, looking at both:

  • the way that e-Assessment is effecting the learning and assessment processes in education, training and development, and

  • the manner in which e-Assessment as a process is changing and growing and advancing.​

We are seeing e-Assessment built more....



The annual gala dinner for the 2019 e-Assessment Awards was held on 10th April 2019, the middle evening of the e-Assessment
Question Conference.

For more details see

the awards website.

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We are delighted to announce our partnership with the eAssessment Association for the 2019 conference.

We work closely with, and

share the ambitions of,

the e-Assessment Association



  • to support and facilitate the sharing of views and ideas among those involved in e-Assessment in all its forms,

  • to promote how the technologies of e-Assessment contribute to the authority, efficiency and effectiveness of Assessment,

  • to develop and advocate best practice for those building, implementing all areas of e-Assessment.

Read more about how the future of the e-Assessment Question (2020 and beyond) has been secured through our partnership with the eAA .... read more ...

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In partnership with 

You may also be interested in our recent 2018 U.S. conference in Washington DC.

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Focusing on e-Assessment in the 21st Century

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See for more details


Delegates at the e-Assessment Question 2019 conference had the opportunity to win the latest version of the Raspberry PI (


The Raspberry Pi is the innovative, tiny and low cost computer that you can use to learn programming through fun, practical projects, it is already being used for e-Assessment and e-learning projects 


The process was simple, attend the conference, complete the feedback form and be automatically enrolled in the prize draw for this exciting and fun tool.

The e-Assessment Association Annual e-Assessment Awards have been associated with the e-Assessment Question since their launch a few years back. We are delighted to continue our support of both the e-Assessment Association and the e-Assessment Awards.

eaa awards 2019.png

Registration Fees for the 2019 Conference were


£300 (*) per delegate per day.    

£540 (*) per delegate for attendance on both days

Group Booking Discount of 10% available for those booking 3 or more delegates for the full conference as a single group booking. 


(*) plus VAT at the prevailing rate

Details of how to additionally book for the-Assessment Awards dinner were included in the email confirmation or sent directly after booking.



There is a lot happening in the world of e-Assessment and the world that e-Assessment inhabits:


  • new forms of certification and qualifications

  • remote proctoring/invigilation,

  • advanced and psychometrically calibrated testing tools,

  • integration with learning and back-office systems,

  • the demands of digital natives, and the implications of digital divides,

  • cloud based activities and developments,

  • digital apprenticeships and their end point assessments (EPAs)

  • social media and peer assessment

  • gamification and scenario based assessment,

  • data mining of assessment data,

  • adaptive assessments,

  • volume processing and on demand certification etc.

are all happening now.


Both e-Assessment itself and the world of learning, teaching and development are evolving. The conference will look at these changes and implications for provision, decision making, planning and risk management.




Registration Fees for 2019 conference were:


Full rate:


£300 (*) per delegate per day.    

£540 (*) per delegate for attendance on both days

   (*) plus VAT at the prevailing rate

Sponsor or Exhibit



There were an exciting number of ways you could be a part of the 17th annual e-Assessment Question 2019

• Sponsor – Gold, Silver and Bronze and bespoke Sponsorship packages 

• Exhibit – Stands available 

• Speak – offers for appropriate, non-sales speaking opportunities welcomed

• Market – market your products to the delegates – variety of packages available

• Attend – come to the conference; listen, question, debate, network

See our exhibition page for details of exhibitors in April 2019

Assessment Tomorrow ( has been working in the field of e-Assessment and e-Learning since its formation in 2003. We manage, host and organise conferences, seminars, workshops and training events in the field of computer based assessment and learning.
We also manage projects for private and public sector organisations that are selecting, developing or implementing e-Assessment or e-learning solutions. 

More Info....


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