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Why is Assessment Tomorrow working in INDIA?

Our work in India


In 2007 Assessment Tomorrow developed and ran the first international event to be held in India focused on the practical aspects of e-Assessment with a two day conference and exhibition in Bangalore, INDIA. This conference had a very positive response from government and the educators and industrialists who attended. This was followed by a series of Seminars in India and South East Asia with the support of UK Trade and Investment, showcasing innovative and groundbreaking UK and Indian developments in Learning, Assessment and Training


Assessment Tomorrow is also working with a number of Indian companies in the e-Assessment and e-Learning marketplaces on projects introducing the concept of e-Assessment and how it can be used to bridge the skills gap.



Why e-Assessment and the Skills Gap?


Only 30% of IT graduates meet the demands and expectations of India’s IT industry and employers. Less than 20% of other graduates are suitable for BPO and ITES:

• How will India bridge this skills gap?
• How will India cope with the increasing numbers and the demands of industry, customers and the economy?
• How will India recognise and develop the right talent?
• How will India derive the maximum benefit from the new technologies of skills assessment and development?
• How can the technology provide reliable and cost effective measurements of skills and competencies?
• How can assessment and technology support learning, training and professional development?


With major Governmental and Industry investment, the challenge is how manage the talent already in place and develop the next generation of India’s employees to their full potential.


We hold that the solution lies with understanding, assessing and managing the skills required by industry and commerce and aligning them with the educational and developmental ambitions of training, education and government. This includes National Occupational Standards and the Educational ambitions of India and Indians.


This in turn raises the question: ‘How to identify and recognise the necessary skills and how do we successfully plan the development of our talent base?’  for which the answer is by using a raft of proven methodologies and systems to provide cost effective, efficient and rewarding tools and techniques to measure and develop skills, knowledge and competency.

We have the pleasure to now have brought the UK MathSpeak Conference & Exhibition to India for the first time, three events have now been held in India in Delhi, Jaipur and Indore.


Symptomatic of the 21st century, and the latest technologies, tools and techniques, the rapid pace of learning is about to galvanize industry and communities. We need to understand the scope of the radical new ways of delivering learning and education to help us take a quantum leap into a more integrated society that fulfills the aspiration of man.


We are working with Indian training, learning and assessment providers, bringing expertise and experience from UK Awarding Organisations, Sector Skills Councils, Trainers and Educational Establishments etc. on a wide variety of projects from the School Room (both curricuum and non-curriculum based) to the work place and entry to the workplace.

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