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Objectives of the Conferences and Seminars

Evaluate the tools and techniques required by the education, training and corporate sectors to measure and develop skills and knowledge and identify what technology can provide that is fit for purpose and cost effective

Raise the awareness of the importance of e-Assessment, in all its forms from test development to electronic testing to e-portfolios

Bring together the strategists, policy makers, practitioners and key decision makers at one event for an exchange of ideas and to review lessons learnt and opportunities taken

Provide a forum for developing the debate on the selection and use of e-Assessment and

Identify the role of e-assessment and computer assisted assessment  within the development of effective e-learning programmes.


A series of presentations by leading experts on key topics


  • The invaluable experiences and knowledge of practitioners and users.

  • An informal exhibition and demonstration of products

  • An active Question/ Answer discussion panel approach

  • Active networking 

The Scope 


  • Formal, high stakes educational qualifications Professional qualificationsVocational qualifications

  • Teaching and learning support in schools, colleges and universities

  • Learning and professional development in the workplace

  • The infrastructure supporting the development and delivery of e-learning and e-Assessment.

  • Content development, examination delivery, qualification support and automation.



Speakers and Contributors


  • Local experts and suppliers

  • Users and practitioners

  • Strategists and Planners

  • International and UK based suppliers

  • Academic and Vocational environment




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